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Your guide to the best wedding seating plan

Your guide to the best wedding seating plan

Your wedding seating plan guide

Face it, making Aunt Gail sit next to your crazy uncle Sam will stir things up at your wedding, and not in a good way. After all, it is a known fact that these two can’t stand each other; especially since Uncle Sam accidentally put a huge dent in Aunt Gail’s brand new car last Christmas…

Planning your wedding seating is essential to creating an easy flow of conversation without making anyone feel unusually uncomfortable. Since they are there to enjoy your wedding day with you, there is no need to damp their spirits by making them sit next to someone they just can’t seem to strike up a conversation with. You won’t be able to satisfy everyone, but at least you can tactfully create tables where people with similar interests can enjoy a hearty conversation or two without grabbing each other at the throat…

Use the following tips when planning your wedding seating list and keep while keeping in mind the number of guests that will be attending your ceremony!

Tip 1: Start your seating plan early as it’ll take longer than you think. Don’t leave it until the week before!

Tip 2: Table numbers can imply a hierarchy so think about using table names instead.

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