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Romantic Date Night Ideas

Romantic Date Night Ideas

It is amazing how quickly a wedding budget can empty your pockets. Little wonder then that bridal
couples sometimes forgo romantic date nights leading up to the big day.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the best time to be taking some time out from
the wedding planning and adding some (or more) romance. We have come and come up with some
memorable experiences to make the wedding planning journey so much more fun. Each option costs
less than R 500 per person and the only rule you have to follow is the one about having absolutely
NO wedding talk during the night. You can thank us later.

Cinematic Allure
For R320 per couple, you can book a romantic ‘snuggle’ corner at an open-air cinema and there even
a picnic hamper and some comfy blankets for added comfort.


Take a Photo Walk
Grab your camera (or even your phone) and go explore cool place in, or just outside, your city and
get snapping. The pics will make for a great memory wall later on.

Pack a blanket, a bottle bubbly and some of your partners favourite snack and head down to beach
or local park for a relaxed picnic.

Couples Massage
A deep relaxing massage might just be exactly what the doctor ordered to help you forget about all
that wedding stress.

Attend an Outdoor Concert
The hot summer days and warmer evenings means there is a bevy of wine farms and local spaces
hosting musical Concerts, creating for a wide range of musical tastes.

Play Games
A little bit of competition is healthy, right? Dig out you Catan, Bananagrams and Monopoly board
games and settle in for a night of laughter and good humoured rivalry.

Take A Hike
Get the oxygen flowing by taking your loved one on a romantic sunrise hike. Add a little extra sparkle
by packing a small surprise picnic that you can spread out while looking at a stunning view.

A Surprise Lunch Date
Say ‘I love you’ and save your loved one from the humdrum of everyday life by surprising them with
a fancy lunch or dinner at one of their favourite restaurants. Even better, if the surprise is during a

Cooking Classes
They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach but we personally think the same can be said for us
women. What better than learning to make great food together?

Create a Romantic Scavenger Hunt
A romantic treasure hunt for your partner either in your home, neighbourhood or town can be very
fun, especially if you have friends and family involved. Take them back to places that are special to
you, where you first met and where they/you proposed. The amount of effort and thoughtfulness it
takes to pull this off will definitely worth the brownie points you’ll score after.

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