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What you need to do after your wedding day is over

What you need to do after your wedding day is over

A bride and groom need to have a well-crafted wedding checklist to ensure all aspects of the planning are covered. But have you ever thought of what needs to be done after the wedding ceremony is over? I’m sure there are very few checklists around to help you manage all that needs to be done before you can go on honeymoon and enjoy some one-on-one time with your soulmate!

Get those thank you’s out!

You and your partner need to make some time in your busy newly-wed schedule to send out thank you notes to those who attended the ceremony. Family and friends that have travelled far to enjoy the day with you will really appreciate a well-written and crafted thank you!

Wedding dress and tux mayhem

Before going on honeymoon, you need to make sure your wedding dress and tux is cleaned and preserved. If you have rented the dress or tux, make sure it is returned to its place of origin in good condition. If, however, you have bought the dress and tux, dry cleaning and preserving is a must!

Wedding memories in a book

With all celebration at end, it’s time to get that wedding album ready! This is a must-do if you want to sit on the couch with your kids one day and show them the very first step Mommy and Daddy took to becoming a family of their own. Apart from that, your wedding day will forever live on within the photographs of that book!

Who made your wedding special?

A wedding vendor will greatly appreciate a review on the service they delivered to help your day as special as possible. Remember to thank them and leave a great review for helping you create the BIG DAY of your dreams!

Wedding gift returning

No matter where your wedding gifts come from, there is a chance you’ll get one or two duplicate wedding gifts. Make sure to change or return unwanted gifts with as much politeness as possible as these gifts were still given with a great heart. Most shops the gifts were bought at will be happy to exchange the gift for something you need in order to start your new life together.

The legal name change

Now that you’re married, you have the opportunity to legally change your maiden name to that of the man you have married. Many couples, however, decide that it is best for the bride to keep her maiden name, especially in modern times. Although you can keep your maiden name, it is customary for the bride to legally change her last name to that of her husband as a tribute to you now being a family. This is also seen as a gift from the bride to the groom as the celebration of carrying his legacy forward through kids that might be born out of the marriage.

With all these items checked off your list, you’re now ready to wrap yourself in a blanket of love on your honeymoon with your one-and-only Mr Right!

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