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Making the big move to move in together

Making the big move to move in together

“To move in together or not to move in together? That is the question…” Yes, moving in together is quite a big decision to make and no matter how long you have been dating, this is when you’ll only truly learn everything about your partner. Here is what you need to take into consideration when making the big move, whether you just got married or still need to pop the BIG question…


Moving in together requires a detailed analysis of both your financial situations. It is beneficial for both partners to fully understand each other where this is concerned as financial issues are a great cause for breakups. You should decide how the rent will be split and make sure you have at least three month’s rent saved in case of emergencies.

Planning for the future

Whether you’re married or not, discussing future plans together is essential if you want your moving in decision to work out properly. Deciding on when to have kids, when to get married as well as any other important relationship related plans will greatly benefit your home life when you make the big move.


As we’re living in the 21st century, it’s no longer just the woman’s duty to do all the household chores. Dividing up the chores between you and your partner will make it easier for both parties. Living in the same home requires assistance from both sides and should one party not want to do the laundry or wash dishes, the household maintenance can be another chore to indulge in.


This being one major deal breaker between couples, it is beneficial, especially when just married, to establish confidence when privacy issues are concerned. When living in the same home, you should be comfortable doing daily bathroom routines within your partner’s presence. You are, after all, intimately acquainted so bathroom routines can become a real “true love” deal.

Styles and Furniture

We don’t all have the same style and heaven forbid should your partner prefer bright pink curtains everywhere! Before you move in together, make sure you decide whose furniture you’re going to keep and which pieces are going into storage. Deciding on curtains, bedding and room styles together will also learn a lot of what your partner likes and dislikes!

Personal space

Living together can become quite frustrating at times, especially if one feels unappreciated. You might even feel you need to over compromise every situation. Living together requires an agreement on personal space. Where one party is reading a book perhaps, the other party should leave him or her in peace. Establishing times of personal time or “me-time” is utterly important as you don’t want to overcrowd one another in the very first days of living in the same home.

Becoming housemates is rather exciting, but there is no need to completely exhaust each other within the first few nights of sharing a bed. You have your entire lives ahead of you when making the big move and a future full of surprises. Better not spoil it right now!

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