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Communication is the key to a healthy marriage

Communication is the key to a healthy marriage

A healthy marriage is based on trust, communication and honesty. Should one of these key factors be lost or misused within a marriage, an unhealthy relationship will develop and leave you signing divorce papers in the future. That, unfortunately, is the cold, hard fact about unhealthy marriages. But, if you incorporate communication as a base to your marriage, there is no doubt that you and your partner will reach new heights!

It is important to remember, however, that in order for communication to be effective, you also need to be a good listener. Without listening what your partner is trying to convey to you, the communication aspect of your marriage is already failing. But why, do you ask, is communication so important in my marriage? Well, here is why:

It takes the “C” out of confusion

When communicating with your partner, one always has to convey the message as clearly and as honest as possible to avoid any confusion. That way, your partner can assess the situation and assist you, if necessary, to clear any misunderstandings. These common confusions can be as simple as whose turn it is to take out the trash or, in more serious cases, dishonesty about certain situations.

Assurance goes a long way

When assuring your partner through kind words or gestures, it enhances the desire within a marriage. Good communication between partners is a great reassurance of building a healthy relationship together and to be in it for the long haul.

It’s not a conversation, it’s a process

Good communication between married couples isn’t something that can be done by exchanging a few sentences while busy with other tasks. Communication is a process one needs to learn and work with on a daily base. While communicating with your partner in an honest and clear way, you effectively grow closer together as you now learn to understand your partner and the way they see certain situations within the relationship.

Communicating is so fun, it’s like a game!

To further explain how great communication can make your marriage sail to new heights, why don’t you try the following communication game! After all, communication is fun and there is a lot you can learn about the one you love by listening and communicating with passion!

When you and your partner get ready to start the communication game, remember to pick a spot in your home out outside where nothing will bother you. Better yet, switch off that cell phone and turn off the television as communication works best without interruption.

Get comfortable and prepare to find out some amazing things about your partner you never knew! Each person will get a chance to answer two questions: What do you like and what don’t you like? Remember to be creative while answering these questions and think out of the box. While you answer these questions, your partner is required to first listen and then respond to what he or she thinks about the answers you have given. That way, it is easy to get your partner’s opinion on a certain matter.

Just as you had a turn to answer the questions, you partner will now have the opportunity to answer the same questions, using a different approach. You will then first listen to what he or she says and then respond. As I’m sure you’ve now noticed, these questions do not have a right or wrong answer and can have as many different answers as you may like it to have.

You can practice this exercise whenever you want and through it, you will effectively learn the importance of communication and listening to your partner’s feelings, likes and dislikes without having to fight to find out. After all, you’re in it to win it!

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