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Simple romantic gestures to make her feel like a queen

Simple romantic gestures to make her feel like a queen

You need not go all out every time you want to adorn your woman with romantic gestures. By making use of simple, easy-to-do romantic gestures, you can make her feel like a queen and, trust me; you’ll reap the benefits of these simplest gestures of romance!

Breakfast surprises

While you might want to take your lady out on a brunch date with all the trimmings, try making her some breakfast at home. And while you’re at it, shape her bacon pieces like little hearts. Once she sees the simple gesture of love, she’ll certainly melt into your arms on the spot!

Be original

If you want her to feel special, you should think out of the box. A great way of making her feel like a queen is hiding a little love note in the pocket of her jacket or jeans. To top it off, you can set a timer on her phone to go off and let her know there is a little surprise in her pocket…


Giving her some affection doesn’t always have to lead to “something more”. Playing with their hair, giving them a back rub and a well-deserved foot rub will do wonders! Perhaps she’ll appreciate the simple romantic gesture so much; it’ll lead to “something more”!


Receiving a hug from the one a woman loves makes her feel protected, loved and happy. Holding onto her for a few seconds longer while in embrace will give her the reassurance that you are genuine and strive towards making her feel like the queen she is.

Taking that shower

Yes, a woman loves it when her man gives her back a soapy wash. Getting naked together in a steamy shower may bring a new spark in your romance as well! A woman needs to feel that she is in great hands and a little affection without driving her into a corner will give her the confidence to take the lead every once in a while. And remember, if she wants to lead, let her!

 When it comes to television shows

The fight over a remote control can become something many disagreements start over. Letting her choose which TV shows you’re going to watch together might seem like an insignificant way of showing romantic gestures, but she’ll really appreciate having a little control over the remote control!

Their work

A woman really appreciates it when a man is interested in the work they do. By asking her questions about her work and presenting a genuine interest in her answer will help you score quite a few brownie points! Complimenting her on things she has accomplished, no matter how small, will give her the confidence to excel not only in the work she does but also appreciating you as her man!

It’s important to know that no one is perfect and through learning from your mistakes, two different people can make each other whole. However, in order to do this, one needs to make the other feel loved and work towards building a concrete relationship pillared by love, affection and trust. So, what are you waiting for? By simple romantic gestures, make her feel like your queen!

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