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Alexander Smith Photography – Love in every moment

Alexander Smith Photography – Love in every moment
  • At Alexander Smith, we LOVE weddings! In fact, we completely adore them! We get such a rush being given the privilege to capture the memories of a day when two become one, and we truly consider it an honour to become an intimate part of the happiest day of a bride and groom’s lives!

We believe in Stories

With a style strongly biased towards creative photojournalism we candidly capture a wedding day from behind the scenes. 

We believe in Beauty

Although we’re certainly not shy to offer a little direction; composition and lighting goes a long way to get that awesome cover shot that will make your wedding photos stand out.

We Believe in Moments

But for us, it’s the shot between the shots that stand out; that un-posed second when you’re completely unaware of the photographer as you lose yourself in the eyes of your brand new spouse; that is priceless.

“Audrey Hepburn once said that the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”

We believe that the experience of having your picture taken is just as important as actually having awesome photos. So for us it’s about all fun. Ask any bride we’ve worked with, they will tell you that having a fun-loving photographer that knows their stuff, makes any stress of the day float away like bubbles in champagne.

We love spending summers in Europe then joining the birds and migrating south for the winter to enjoy the lovely African sun in Cape Town and Johannesburg. So where-ever you might find yourself in the world, if you’re looking for wedding pictures that are something different, let’s get in touch and see what gorgeous memories we can conjure up together.

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021 672 0004 / 021 672 0019