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Ready to “pop the big question?”

Ready to “pop the big question?”

If you’re getting ready to pop the big question, you better make sure you have ticked all boxes on your Big Question checklist. Having a checklist in your back pocket while going down on one knee might mean the difference between “Yes I will!” or “sorry but no”… Hey, no pressure!

Surprise her

When wanting to ask your partner to marry you, you need to make sure she will be surprised! Doing this will be easy, as long as you don’t tell too many of your friends about what you’re planning to do. Although you might need some help with getting all the plans in order for the question asking, don’t let her discover your secret before you’ve asked!

Public or private?

Many men dream of getting a “YES!” from his girl when he gets down on one knee in front of a crowd of people. However, only do this in front of a crowd if you’re 100% sure it’s going to be a “yes”. If you’re doubting a bit, you’d better do it in private as to not embarrass yourself and your partner…

What she loves

Remember to personalise the proposing experience. Those have-been-done-a-hundred-times proposals won’t take the breath right from her lungs as you ask the question. Make sure the experience is as unique as she is. If she loves taking long hikes, take her to a forest filled with trees and adorning nature. If she loves the city lights at dusk, take her for a picnic to watch the sunset over the skyscrapers!

The ring

Some might think of tossing the wedding ring into a glass of wine over dinner. But have you thought about what would happen if she accidentally swallowed what you have paid a fortune for? Make sure the ring is guarded safely and will make its appearance at just the right moment…

Keep an eye on those eyes

When going down on one knee, make sure to keep eye contact. This will make her know you’re serious about spending the rest of your life with her. She will also be able to see how sincere you are about her. Giving her a romantic wink while waiting for her reaction as she spots that ring will only put an extra spark in the moment!

Practice makes perfect

There’s no need to stumble over your feet while trying to kneel and stuttering through those few words before asking her the big question. Try practising a few times a few days before your plan should go down. This will make it much easier when you’re in front of the one you love madly.

Inhale… Exhale…

Yes, asking your fiancé to marry you is a huge deal and nerves will come creeping up on you when you least expect it. However, you need to calm your nerves and show her how smoothly you can handle a tough situation. That will make her love you even more as she will know she can depend on you when tough situations might arise in the future.

That is all there is to it! With a pat on the shoulder from your friends and family as well as your future-wife at your side, what else can a man ask for?

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